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Wisdom to Heal Yourself
"Finding  the Wisdom Within"

Within me lies infinite energy to accomplish all that I Will to do.
Within your body is the essence of all that we shall be.

You have the Wisdom to Heal Yourself

You are the expert. You do not need to search for someone to fix you. You can connect with your inner wisdom in a variety of ways even though it is beyond your rational, logical and conscious mind. It can be reached through your deeper intuition, instinct, and the validity of your feelings. This is our inner voice which helps us discerning the real from the unreal, truth from falsehood, and the genuine from the fake. More powerful than the thinking mind, there is an aware mind.

We are conditioned to gather facts from outside sources. Instead of looking from within to discover what we already know. We may disenfranchise ourselves from our own inner awareness of the truth by establishing a higher authority that validates facts for us. Subsequently, we may discover that many authorities have unwittingly led us astray by believing in false, limiting, out-dated, or unhealthy beliefs.

The articles on this website will help you move beyond your present obstacles and lead you to a more healthy an active life.

Rarely Addresses the Underlying Causes

Doctor giving a perscription

Conventional medicine has focused more on treating disease and less on prevention. Typically we get sick, take medication and our symptoms go away. This approach rarely addresses the underlying causes that have weakened our bodies in the first place and brought about illness. Further, without this understanding we maybe unable to regain our optimal health.

We may gradually come to depend on over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, stimulants, even junk food all of which can further weaken the body's natural ability to offset disease and heal.

Visualize the Physical Perfection

by Paramhansa Yogananda

Yogi balanced on a Rock overlooking the Sea

Visualize the physical perfection you would like to attain. Refuse to become discouraged at apparent slow progress, for natural healing is not necessarily a rapid cure. Be persistent. Demand and determine to rebuild your abused physical vehicle. The earnestness with which you apply yourself will determine the degree of success. In your daily period of meditation, remember to ask God for the help needed to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Nature unaided fails. Remember the body is the link between our higher and lower natures, the cart which carries within it the essence of all we shall eventually be."  Read Article"

"Everyday holds the Possibility of a Miracle"

Take Responsibility for Your Health

Healing Body Mind and Spirit

Retake responsibility for your healing. You got yourself in this condition and you can get yourself out. For the first time in human history, most of us are living in an environments that do not require motion or exertion for our survival. Many processed and sugary foods have replaced whole foods from our gardens. But our bodies require motion, energy, positive affirmations, and nutritious food for healthy maintenance.

When it comes to the human body everyone is an expert. We do not need technology to understand our own bodies and the biological imperatives that drive them. By tapping into your own innate expertise, you can unlock the maximum potential that lies within each of us to have optimal health with immediate and enormous benefit for the lives we lead, the work we accomplish, and the sports we play.

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